How to Do Makeup for Video Meetings

how to do makeup for zoom meetings, how to do makeup for video meetings

Since the majority of us have become a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've also become stay-at-home broadcasters. We're going to video meetings multiple times a day. In fact, video conferencing platform Zoom saw a 535% increase in daily traffic in March.

It's easy to fall into the habit of not getting ready for a video conference. I've attended those meetings wearing no makeup, still in workout clothes and hair that hadn't seen a brush all day. That can work in some environments and can even be encouraged.

In general, you are expected to present a level of professionalism during online meetings even when you're working from home. 

For those of you who need to present yourself on-camera, it's important to understand that presenting on video requires some effort when it comes to your appearance. Your face becomes the primary focus of your audience.

The quality of cameras we use for online video conferences aren't as strong as those we use when we go on-camera, which can be a good or bad thing. Regardless, getting camera-ready for a video chat is much simpler than preparing for an on-camera video appearance. It can take as little as five minutes. I take it a bit further in this tutorial but the lesson is simple: take a few minutes to ensure you're presenting your best self to your colleagues, your team and your boss.

This video tutorial shows you the steps I take to get ready for a video chat. It takes less than 10 minutes.


Makeup Tips For Your Next Video Conference 

  • Prepare your face with a tinted moisturizer, CC cream or dab of powder. This evens out your complexion. 
  • When it comes to focal points - consider your eyes and lips the priorities. That's where your audience focuses. In turn spend time on eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. 
  • Groom your eyebrows, fill them in if you need to do so. Add some mascara to your eyelashes. 
  • Use a bright lipstick that works for your skin tone to add a pop of color.  
  • If you want to take it a step further, use concealer to erase some of the dark circles under your eyes and add a quick dab of blush on your cheeks to give your face a glow. 
  • Bronzer can also take the place of blush to add color to your face. 
  • Check your face before your meetings to see if it's shiny. If so, use some powder or blotting papers to eliminate the shine. 
  • TIP: use a brush to apply your powder instead of the applicator sponge included in most powder compacts. A brush delivers a lighter application rather than a heavy, chalky coat on your face. 
Are you finding yourself on-camera more than ever? Have questions about preparing for your next online meeting or video presentation. Get in touch to see if I can help.